Howdy! My name is Justin Kaminski and I am a second-year student studying secondary education with a concentration in math! I am from Goffstown New Hampshire and I joined CAPE as I love being able to create events for everyone to go to and have fun with their friends and even make some new friends! I love music, frisbee and long boarding!

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Vice President 

Hello! My name is Nicholas Gaston and I am a second-year student studying computer science. I am from South Hadley Massachusetts and I joined CAPE because of my interests in creating fun environments for people to feel comfortable in. I love to play video games, code and exploring with friends!

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Signature Events

Hello! My name is Megan Rogers and I am a second-year at SNHU. My major is Elementary and Special Education! I am from Shelburne, Vermont. I joined CAPE because I wanted to be involved at SNHU in a fun way! I love meeting new people through events and meetings with CAPE. In my free time, I love paddle boarding, hanging out with friends and family, and working with children!

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Day Chair

Hi! My name is Alaina Betts! I’m a third year student studying middle school education with a concentration in mathematics! I’m from Biddeford Maine. My favorite part of CAPE and the reason why I joined CAPE is because of the community that has been built and being able to create events. Somethings that I enjoy doing in my free time is binging shows, music, cooking, crocheting, and going on long drives to explore!


Business Manager

Hi! My name is Alexa Felix, I'm a senior and I’m studying Psychology with a concentration in mental health and a minor in sociology. My hometown is Manchester, NH. My favorite part of being in cape is the friendships made and the opportunities it has given me! I joined cape make friends and get involved. Things I’m interested/love is the New England Patriots, mental health awareness, new girl the show, mint chocolate chip ice cream, pretty little liars and going to the beach!

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Publicity Manager 

Hi there! my name is Leo. I go to SNHU for Graphic design and media art with a minor in video production. I have been doing graphic design for about 8 years independently now. I am from South Hadley MA, me and Nick (Vice President) actually live right next to each other! My favorite part of CAPE is that everyone's ideas/opinions matter and are valued so if you have a new idea for an event CAPE will make it happen! I joined because I really wanted to help CAPE get more public and join my friends because they had always told me how fun the meetings and events were! I enjoy Drawing, Tattoos, Skateboarding, and being there for people. I can't wait to see you join our Family!